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Detroit Lions
2 hours 21 minutes ago. Facebook
WEEK IN REVIEW: Lions bring back Bell, prepare for Bears rematch.

WEEK IN REVIEW: Lions bring back Bell, prepare for Bears rematch

Ben & Jerry's
2 hours 8 minutes ago. Facebook
Pro-tips that will get you through the holidays looking (and eating) like the ice cream genius you are.

How to Stock Your Freezer for Holiday Entertaining

Whether we like it or not, something big or small is bound to go wrong over the holidays. Sometimes it seems like it just wouldn’t be Christmas if the cookies didn’t burn in the oven, or if the cat didn’t break one of your favorite ornaments. I think it’s safe to say that a holiday season...

10 Holiday Horror Stories That Are Almost Too Terrible To Believe

Big Prize Giveaways
1 hours 49 minutes ago. Facebook
With all the social media attention moms have been getting recently, it’s easy for regular moms to feel like they aren’t living up to the glamorous lifestyle some moms lead. These moms wear gorgeous outfits, have professional hair and makeup stylists, and hire professional photographers to make them...

Mom Snaps Cute Picture Of Herself And Son, Then Reveals She Took The Photo While On The Toilet

Big Prize Giveaways
2 hours 57 minutes ago. Facebook
Babies love mimicking the adults in their lives. It’s one of the ways that babies learn how to do things like wave, communicate, and walk. And there are certain behaviors we expect babies to copy — like making silly faces. Anytime a stranger comes in contact with a baby, there are a few things they....

Champion Beatboxer Holds Niece While He Films Himself, Then Realizes That She’s Beatboxing Too

Big Prize Giveaways
4 hours 11 minutes ago. Facebook
So we all have a general idea of what to do when we’re heading toward airport security, but do you ever get there and still find yourself dumbfounded about how to get through quickly and painlessly? I certainly do — but these hacks to get through airport security faster definitely help. Every experi...

13 Things You Should Never Ever Do At Airport Security

The Newfoundland is a sweet, intelligent breed of dog. This clever dog used his smarts to make a tasty trade with his owner. The chocolate Newfoundland dog saw his owners, a mother and daughter, gathered at their kitchen table for dinner one night. When he caught sight of what was on the menu, he wa...

Dog Is Mesmerized By Daughter’s Dinner, Then Mom Captures Him Bartering For Food On Camera

Missy Hendricks always struggled with her weight, but when she got married to an unfaithful man, her battle with food only became worse. “My maiden name was Blinkenship and they’d call me ‘Battle Ship’ and that just stuck in my head,” Hendricks told ABC News. Within their first year of marriage, Hen...

Obese Wife Never Felt Good Enough For Cheater Husband, So She Transforms As Revenge

This time of year is supposed to bring holiday cheer: parents rush to buy gifts for their kids, while children take in all the sights, sounds, and smells. It’s a happy time of year! One of the most important traditions for many families is making their homes festive. It’s not just setting up the Chr...

Firefighters Find Injured Dad Still On The Ground, Then Climb Onto House Roof To String Lights

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Keep your memories close with custom jewelry. Enjoy up to 50% off with code: OHJOY through Sunday, Dec 11.

Oh-so-charming Jewelry

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Create a magical space of their own. Get up to 50% off Disney themed gifts and decor with code: OHJOY through Sunday, Dec 11.

Up to 50% off our Disney Collection

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The domestication of animals wasn’t a one-way street: new research suggests that species have moved from wild to tame multiple times over their history, and that human agency played a far smaller role than previously believed. Last week's most read: [ Ow.ly Link ]

How domestication changes species, including the human – Jacob Mikanowski | Aeon Essays

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We do tours a little different in the South ...who's down?! [ Buff.ly Link ]

Rockabilly Rides | The Southern Weekend

1035 KISS FM
1 hours 43 minutes ago. Facebook
A girl decided to prank her mom by texting her that she had HIT SOMEONE with her car! She never would have guessed her Mom would react like this! See the shocking text messages her Mom sent!! HAHAHAHAhahaha

Girl Pranks Mom by Claiming She Hit Someone with Her Car And Gets the Best Response Ever

The disastrous tally has been pushed to new heights by soaring abuse of heroin and prescription painkillers, a class of drugs known as opioids.

Heroin now kills more Americans than gun crime

ABC 8News - WRIC
1 hours 46 minutes ago. Facebook
Locks of the week include Navy, JMU, and the Bengals.

The 8News Pigskin Picks: Week 14