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An old friend is back!

Sunshine hangs around today. It'll be the backdrop for a cold & windy day. Highs: 40s. [ Wdsu.com Link ]
-Meteorologist Kweilyn Murphy WDSU
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Mother Nature's favorite group today is Coldplay!

Cold air is settling in. Sunshine returns, but highs will be stuck in the 40s. Colder air moves in tonight. Details on WDSU News This Morning. [ Wdsu.com Link ]
-Meteorologist Kweilyn Murphy WDSU
National Cancer Institute
4 hours 10 minutes ago. Facebook
The thyroid gland lies at the base of the throat near the trachea. A thyroid nodule is an abnormal growth of thyroid cells in the thyroid. Nodules may be solid or fluid-filled. Most thyroid nodules are not cancer, as our summary explains: [ Cancer.gov Link ]
K104-FM Dallas, TX
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The funny guy Michael Blackson will be at the #arlingtonimprov all weekend long! He stopped by the station this morning to show some love! #k104 #k104djs #dedeinthemorning #michaelblackson #mikeindallas
Electronic Musician
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12 Days of Deals continues with Deal #8! We marked down our Gear Guides to only $5 each, our collectible Guitar Legends Issues are also only $5 each, and our favorite Posters are just $2.99! Don’t miss out on this great deal and look out for the other deals we have in store for you each day. Shop now at our Online Store: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Bachelor Pad Magazine
1 hours 54 minutes ago. Facebook
Look what just arrived!!! The new issue of Bachelor Pad is officially here!!!

#ilovebachelorpad #bachelorpadmagazine #pinup #girliemagazine #octoberdivine #octoberdivinepinup #octoberdivinepinupmodel
Bachelor Pad Magazine
3 hours 25 minutes ago. Facebook
We want to share this great bit of Bachelor Pad-inspired art! This holiday hottie is based on issue 38 cover October Divine. And this drawing comes from the talented fingers of BPM artist Surya O'Shea! @octoberdivine @suryaoshea

#octoberdivinepinup #octoberdivine #octoberdivinepinupmodel #suryaoshea #girliemagazine #pinup #bachelorpadmagazine #ilovebachelorpad
Bachelor Pad Magazine
3 hours 31 minutes ago. Facebook
It's the cutest Christmas elf we've ever seen! It's Wild Card Kitty! (Photo by Loraine Ross!)

#girliemagazine #pinup #bachelorpadmagazine #ilovebachelorpad
It's official: Portillo's is coming to Champaign, sometime in the spring.

The popular restaurant hopes to begin construction in the next couple weeks, with the goal of opening in late April or early May.

It will be located at 2306 N. Prospect Ave., the former home of HomeTown Buffet.

"We've already got our permits," Portillo's CEO and U of I alumnus Keith Kinsey said. "We're ready to go in...
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Michigan Humane Society
2 hours 29 minutes ago. Facebook
Chickey the cat (10 years young), Ned (4 year basset hound shorthair pointer), Max (3 year male terrier mix) and Lacy (1 year terrier lab mix female) are just four of the animals that are looking for their #foreverhome for the holidays at our #MHS Rochester Hills Center For Animal Care #adoption #Michigan #MichiganHumaneSociety
We really LIKE this news: Conestoga Valley senior Gianna Yurchak has been named Pennsylvania's soccer #PlayerOfTheYear! Congratulate Gianna with a LIKE! <3
SHARE: Christine says she can't rule out flurries or a snow shower this afternoon. Watch her forecast here: [ Wgal.com Link ]
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If you live in Findlay or greater Hancock County, stop out and see our Michael Bratton to donate a toy for those in need this holiday season!
1 hours 12 minutes ago. Facebook
Holiday tradtion continues and is bigger than ever! #ThisIsHome
1 hours 15 minutes ago. Facebook
Thanks to Miller Fireworks for donating boxes of toys. So far 3,000+ toys for Salvation Army and Toys for Tots have arrived at 13abc studios today. Come see us---we are at Dorr and Richards until 6:30pm!
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A new snow squall (Lake Effect) is just moving into W. Toledo. Another 1/8" of snow is likely from this band.
Bundle up: Right now the wind chill in Toledo is 12Β°.
4 hours 38 minutes ago. Facebook
We have four waves of snow coming our way, starting today. After some lake effect snow today, we catch a 24 hour break. Today's high, around 30. Late tomorrow night, into Sunday, we will see 1-3". From there, we could see another 3-6" into late Monday. These numbers could change. Look for waves of rain late on Sunday. Temperatures drop into the deep freeze midweek. - Meteorologist Ben Cathey
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Charlie Brown Christmas made its television debut on this date back in 1965. Is this one of your families favorite holiday classics?
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Santa hangs with Arnold from Arnold's Home Improvement at the Hope for the Holidays drive-thru bash collecting toys for local children. Thanks for your support! [ Bit.ly Link ]
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STOP BY and join the celebration! Bring a new, unwrapped toy and receive FREE pizza and FREE coffee or hot cocoa. [ Bit.ly Link ]