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Both daily life and large family gatherings fill this renovated kitchen. [ Link ]

Before and After: A Kitchen and Dining Area for 3 Generations
Coupon Divas
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A Mighty Girl
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Millions of people took to the streets at Women's Marches around the world this weekend in an unprecedented show of solidarity and support for the belief that women's rights are human rights. At the 673 Women's Marches that were held in all 50 states and dozens of countries, girls and young women participated in vast numbers. This day gave these girls an unforgettable life lesson about the...
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Mighty Girls Rise Up At Women's Marches Worldwide: A Photo Collection
Get It Free
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He noticed a girl getting harassed in the audience, so he stopped everything to intervene

Singer Abruptly Stops Concert, Then Turns To Rescue Girl Being Harassed In Crowd.
If you’ve ever heard of Walt Whitman, chances are you know him for his years as a prolific poet. He is also known for his years of work as an essayist and journalist, but did you know that during the Civil War, he had a job? He was a scribe, meaning he would write to...

Woman Finds 154-Year-Old Letter From Walt Whitman Worth $12,000 In Her Closet
Gender reveal cakes are the best if you ask me, because then you get to surprise people with your cake and eat it too! The video you’re about to see has been shortened to the best part: just the reactions from the mom and dad! And the cheering loved ones in the background, of course. But...

Mom Expecting Twins Slices Into First Cake, Then Loses It Before Even Cutting Second Cake
No matter how dedicated you are to a sport, you’re probably not as dedicated as Katie Levitre. While her husband, Andy Levitre, played for the Atlanta Falcons, she was happily in the stands, ready to cheer him on! The only catch? She was in labor before the game started! But this mom clearly listene...

Football Player Hits The Field, But Has No Idea His Wife Is In Labor In The Stands
Science is so incredible because there are so many different facts to learn about, big or small, that you can spend a lifetime learning and never know it all! Many people experiment with science to create projects that are educational while also very cool to watch. On a recent episode of The Tonight...

This Is What Happens When You Put A Balloon In A Bowl Of Liquid Nitrogen
Mike Rowe recently posted a video of Nick Shortridge on his Facebook page, and it went viral. In the video, Nick, paralyzed from the chest down, is maneuvering his wheelchair into a dump truck. “Say hi to Nick Shortridge,” the caption read. “Nick’s on his way to work. He drives a dump truck. I watch...

Wheelchair User’s Daily Routine Will Remind Everyone To Appreciate The Little Things
Fast approaching his 40th birthday, 2014 was not kind to a husband and father named Darius. He lost his job and all of his money. To add insult to injury, he noticed a couple of strange patches on his skin and was diagnosed with skin cancer. Interestingly enough, he says his backyard at the time...

Mom Leaves Daughters Home Alone With Dad, But Returns To Find Their Property Unrecognizable
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Another day to say thanks and we you! Enjoy $20 off $20+ or a free 8x8 photo book to make your fave moments last. Use code: BIGTHANKS by 1/24.

Extended: FREE photo book or $20 off
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New VIP perks are here! From exclusive workout series' to worldwide travel experiences we're providing you with VIP only deals and offers.

VIP Community Perks - The Fabletics Blog
Protein-emPOWered meal!

Apple Pie Protein Waffles
Canvas People
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