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Tony Robbins
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Winter is coming...but when?
Listen to the 1st episode of my new podcast, #UNSHAKEABLE
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Maria Celeste
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Definitivamente esta es una divertida manera para mantenerlos en forma y llenos de risas.

Ancianos jugando con globos como niños pequeños | Popful
Jessica Ashley
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Before there were girl groups like Fifth Harmony and The Pussycat Dolls, people were rocking out to Destiny’s Child and TLC. But the one girl group that was basically the definition of ‘girl power’ was the Spice Girls. The English pop girl group included:

The Spice Girls Are All Grown Up, Their Photos And Story
Jessica Ashley
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Lisa Raye
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Lisa Raye
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Phillip Heath
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Life can be a real bitch! We all have been hit with unforeseen bullshit! We can let those issues control us or we simply say...F#*K THAT!!!! I personally choose to leave my pain, anger and problems with the weights! The Gym is my anchor and it's what keeps me grounded. It's MY TIME to become a better version of myself. Whatever you're going through right now that has you questioning your...
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Theresa Caputo
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First time on The Wendy Williams Show tomorrow! I'm so excited about the new season of Long Island Medium I can't stop talking about it lol Love you guys hope you can tune in. Check local listings here [ Link ]
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Want to eat dinner on the beach with us? Get a private tour of our recording studio? See our concert for free? Enter to win the #switchfootsummergetaway! [ Link ]
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Man it feels good to be home for a bit! But can we take a second to brag about some people?!This Looking For America Tour could not have been possible without the dudes in this picture. These are the men who made the Looking For America Tour one of our favorite tours yet. Thanks to our crew, our road family: the hardest working, most professional, (and funniest) men in the business. And thank...
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Mark Ruffalo
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Take it from my brother Kendrick Eagle. Thank you #StandingRock #NoDAPL
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Double vision...
Rali Ivanova
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69% Of Facebook Accounts Are Fake Hit Like If You Real Then Comment" Me "