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Joe Bonamassa
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Click here to find out how Chicago electric blues icon Muddy Waters influenced Blues Rock Titan Joe Bonamassa. Hint: guitars, guitars, guitars! (and blues)

My Two Favorite Blues Guitarists are Totally Connected!
Paul Servat and his girlfriend, Barbara Bienvenue, met on an online dating site when two months after they started dating, Bienvenue told Servat that she was pregnant.

Man Rushes Girlfriend To The ER To Give Birth, But Doctors Tell Them There’s No Babies
These selfie fails will shock you. I can't believe they didn't see this...

WTF Selfie Reflection Fails That Will Freak You Out
Abby Parece
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Paula White
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Maria Celeste
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Si tienes hijos, no olvides seguir estos pasos antes de llevaros a la escuela.

7 cosas que debes hacer antes de que tu hijo entre en la escuela | Popful
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Camino a una asignación especial que me lleva muy lejos. La espera bien vale la pena. Les cuento pronto.
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Day one: Fresno, CA
I'm reminded that this little old stage in Fresno has outlasted 15 presidents, World War II, and the Great Depression. It will probably outlast our story as well. (Full post coming soon)


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A little inspiration before you get inked!

We Know What Your Next Tattoo Should Be
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