This struggle can be TOO real?!? What are some of your favorite cardio workouts aside from the treadmill?
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Man With The WORLD'S LARGEST P*NIS . . . Explains How Difficult It Is . . . To Have Such A BIG D*CK!!! (Pics And DETAILS . . . WOW)

Man With The WORLDS LARGEST P*NIS . . . Explains How Difficult Life Is!!
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PURE EVIL: 17-Year-Old Girl Pleads Guilty . . . To Stabbing Woman 21 Times . . . Just ‘FOR THE FUN OF IT’!! (Listen To Her CREEPY CONFESSION)

17-Year-Old Girl Pleads Guilty . . . To Stabbing Woman 21 Times
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Remember LIRA GALORE . . . Rick Ross Former FIANCE . . . Well Her Mama’s Posting Very REVEALING PICS On Instagram!! (Like Mother . . . Like DAUGHTER)

LIRA GALORE's Is Posting Very REVEALING PICS On Instagram
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LMAOOOOOOOO!! Rapper Kodak Black Has A Wardrobe Malfunction . . . He’s Wearing His Pants So Low . . . They FELL OFF During A Concert!!

Rapper Kodak Black Loses His Pants . . . During A Concert (LOL)
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SHOCK CLAIM: Atlanta Housewives Kenya’s EX-BOYFRIEND Claims She ‘Cheated’ . . . With ‘Married Nigerian’ . . . And ‘SOLD’ Her Body!!!

EX-BF Says Atlanta Housewives Kenya Moore 'Sold' Body To Rich Man
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MISS FRANCE Is BLACK . . . And She Spent Entire Life In The CARIBBEAN
Liberals everywhere are PISSED OFF after what Trump just did to abortion funding overseas...

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WIN: Trump Just Made Huge Move To Stop Abortion Funding - Liberals Are OUTRAGED ⋆ US Herald
It's about time these liberals start realizing that there are very real consequences for their actions... especially when those actions include trying to get the president KILLED!!

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INSANE Liberal Burlesque Dancer Finds Out The HARD Way What Happens When You Call For Trump's Assassination ⋆ US Herald
This type of talk is TERRORISTIC and should be punished to the full extent of the law... It's time we start holding these celebrities accountable for coercing attacks on fellow Americans!!!

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VIDEO: Newt Gingrich Just Said Madonna Should Go To Jail For EXPLOSIVE Comment She Made About The White House ⋆ US Herald
WATCH: Passengers Cheer As"Nasty" Woman Gets BOOTED OFF Plane After Threatening TRUMP Supporter.

I can't stop cheering right along with the passengers on this plane. JUSTICE IS SERVED!

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WATCH: Passengers Cheer As"Nasty" Woman Gets BOOTED OFF Plane After Threatening TRUMP Supporter ⋆ US Herald
This thug has the audacity to brutally murder his classmate and then take a selfie of himself with the dead body. DISGUSTING!!!

Black Man Murders White Roommate, Then Posts 'Selfie' With Victims Body Online ⋆ US Herald
From the hollowed ground of Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon, a local veteran’s emotional video is an invitation for discussion. After learning about flag burning protests, Eric Post of Clackamas initially thought about confronting protesters, but instead, he told KATU News that afte...

Marine vet’s emotional video about flag burning protest goes viral - USMC Life
OAF Nation --> [ Link ]
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Yogi Times
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Revisiting downward facing dog | adho mukha svanasana. [ Link ]

Revisiting Downward Facing Dog | Adho Mukha Svanasana
Yogi Times
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Yoga: an attempt to define the undefinable. [ Link ]

Yoga: An Attempt To Define The Undefinable
Don't be surprised if you don't hear or see this being reported by the mainstream media.

Camera Shows What Happened That Had First Lady Melania In Tears On Inauguration Day [VIDEO]