You honestly have to be careful what you ingest nowadays. And poet and performer Saul Williams gives his mind-blowing take on what it means to 'diet'.

Bet You've Never Heard A 'Diet' Explained Like THIS! - The Black Loop
Nick Cannon and his ex girlfriend show off their new baby boy! Check out the photos here

Congrats! Nick Cannon & His EX-Girlfriend Show Their NEW BABY!
I Love Being Black
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The Escape Artist had a chat about the Black travel movement with Christin Ayers on CBS' Black Renaissance show. Check it out here!

Meet Escape Artist AKA Kumi Rauf, Founder Of "I Love Being Black"
Fitness Republic
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Fitness Republic
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Come up with your own workout plan (and stick to it)

How To Be Your Own Personal Trainer
Know Your Meme
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Check out YouTuber and music producer Andrew Huang’s audiovisual MIDI tune composed in the shape of a unicorn. And it actually sounds pretty magical.

MIDI Composition in the Shape of a Unicorn
Know Your Meme
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After a video of a heartbreaking dialogue between an ex-couple about infidelities went viral on Twitter last week, there are now memes made of 100% feels floating around.

#HurtBae Unleashes Waves of Feels on Twitter
Whomst meets 2001: A Space Odyssey in this remix video featuring the tone poem Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Know Your Meme
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In order to redeem himself to the Wall Street Journal, PewDiePie goes back in time to snipe Adolf Hitler in the balls.

PewDiePie Kills Adolf Hitler
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The edges2cats web application uses a neural network of stock images to turn line drawings into horrific pictures of cat monsters from hell.

Edges2Cats Turns Doodles Into Cat Monsters
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YouTuber vexal explains how to mod your Porsche 911 or other car to run Doom in just three easy steps.

How to Mod Your Porsche 911 to Run Doom
"The concept is simple: the app allows students to reach out to others and let them know they are welcome to join them at their tables in the school cafeteria. Kids can look at the list of "open lunches" in the app and know that they have an open invitation to join with no chance of rejection."

Teen's New App Makes It So No Child Must Eat Alone
Sustainable Human
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Bolivia To Be Completely Food Independent In 2020 By Investing In Small Farmers...

Bolivia To Be Completely Food Independent In 2020 By Investing In Small Farmers...
Sustainable Human
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Learning to heal ourselves with a practice of conscious breathing.

Breathwork for Clearing Trauma from the Body
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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Amber Rose Just HIT THE JACKPOT . . . She’s Now Dating . . . NBA STAR Kevin Durant!!! (She’s About To COME UP)

Amber Rose Is Now Dating . . . NBA STAR Kevin Durant
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LOVE AND HIP HOP SHOCKER: Asia Allegedly Infected With STD!!
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MALIA KARDASHIAN???? The Paparazzi Are Reportedly Being ‘TIPPED OFF’ . . . When Malia Obama Is Going To Be Somewhere!!! (Malia Mini-Skirt Pics)

The Paparazzi Are Reportedly Being 'TIPPED OFF' . . . When Malia Obama