Thousands of Seventh-day Adventist young people answered the call to "Be the Sermon" on March 18 for Global Youth Day. The campaign generated an impact of more than 137 million impressions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
This year's service theme was donating blood. And along with blood drives, Adventist young people from around the world found other creative ways to serve their...
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Selfie Punk
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Selfie Punk
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Selfie Punk
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Raining Hot Coupons
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Well, I guess this is my life now.
Video by @komiku396
Epic Reads
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That time you and your book bestie only communicated in Harry Potter quotes.
Steampunk Tendencies
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Steampunk Tendencies
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Guns, Ammo and Knives
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Good looking Revolver..
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Guns, Ammo and Knives
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Uzi fun!
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The Galaxy Tab S3 is here! Here are the Top 5 features of the new Tab.

Full article: [ Link ]

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Six Sister's Stuff
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