The Zulu vibe... see for yourself!


We have activated in South Africa!

You can now get I Love Being Black apparel and accessories:

• In Soweto: Shova Lifestyle Boutique: 8039 Vilakazi St, Johannesburg, 1804, South Africa, +27 11 536 1237
• In Cape Town: Contact our Cape Town rep Thato via phone or whatsapp: +27 61 223 7251. HE CAN ALSO MAIL OFF ITEMS ANYWHERE IN SA

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Teenage Boy Gets Into A NASTY ARGUMENT . . . With His FATHER . . . And He Ends Up KNOCKING HIS POPS OUT!!! (Wow . . . That's Really SAD)
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STOLE HIS MANHOOD!!! NYC Goon Steals Woman's Phone On Subway . . . And Her SCARED BOYFRIEND . . . Cowers In Fear During The Entire Incident!!! (Should She Dump Him??)
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This one's for the people who sneak around in Skyrim.

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Mark your calendars. ICYMI here are all the big 2017 release dates we know of so far.
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Everyone knows that one person...

Tag your best friend !!
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Messi..Nutmegs for days!
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World Cup Final 2006...
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Look at these trick penalties...
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When you get nutmegged so just decide to go home...
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Who remembers this bullet?
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He sent him back to 2016 with that turn...
(This is what happens when Kim leaves town).
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The FlyLady
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Flylady's 31 Babysteps - Day 23! You can start these babysteps at *any* time - link to Day 1 is in the comments :-) #flylady #flyladypremium #babystepstogetorganized

Flylady's 31 Babysteps - Day 23 (Afternoon Routine, Menu Planning)

Day 23 - we're adding an Afternoon Routine and starting to plan menus Flylady Diane, mentor at Flylady Premium The Flylady Plus app is free https://itunes.ap...