Jason Chapman
American Muscle Cars
American Muscle Cars
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Amazing Pro Street Chevelle
Sherry Dwyer
Pascal Perreault
Turtle nesting season is almost here. Take a close-up look at the happenings on our beaches: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Judi Colangelo Dean
Doreen Doud
Lecta Percefull
Thinkarete lifestyle
Thinkarete lifestyle
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HA...this would make the best gift for a Sister-in-Law! Love it!

Find it on AMAZON here ( affiliate)--> [ Amzn.to Link ]
Lisa Weishuhn Edwards
Thinkarete lifestyle
Thinkarete lifestyle
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Find it here (affiliate)--> [ Amzn.to Link ]
Jessica Johnson
Deana Barton
Petra Zambrano
Kathy Macomber
Clarice Miller
Paula Ivy
A very promising talent is coming from Belgium!
Chris Mendez
Mu'awiyah Abukhdeir
Alex Vinkos
Sombrero or rainbow flick, the history of an awesome soccer skill!
Juan L. Rodriguez
Bruno Alves
Zakaria Benmoulay
The 10 best soccer players of the last century!
Persiana Jones
Jorge Marcelo Franco
Barish Sener
Zidane still got skills ⚽

Credit: Real Madrid C.F.
Dario Ortega
Ramiro Sales
J Molina Guzman
Such a cute video of PSG star Angel Di María playing with his daughter!

Credit: Angel Di María
Jorge Armijos
Santiago Pescador Guglielmone
Reymundo Villalobos
When you want to impress your girlfriend #GoalOfTheWeek

Credit: Wesley Sneijder
Brîan Cabrera
Ryan Dafforn
Victor De La Cruz
Messi vs Kobe best ad ever?

Credit: Turkish Airlines
Angad Singh
Miguel Sandoval
Fidah Othman
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"I was very young when I felt a calling to become a guerrilla. I liked it."

Watch this rebel woman's full story on Outpost, tonight at 8pm ET on Fusion TV.
Debbie Diaz
Mike Pregon
Luis F Lopez
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While in prison, art was an escape.

Now that these two men are finally free, their art serves as a message of resistance against mass incarceration in the United States:
Jeff Farmer
Gemma Lucy
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"There were nights when I would cry not knowing what I would do with my future."

This undocumented student's dream came true when she got a full college scholarship:
Paola Alvarez
Nicole Ruiz
Janet Vargas
Live Post-Payback Q&A with SecondCityReyn!
Jonathan Gapinski
Andrew Nied
Eric Janes
Known Valley
Known Valley
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Eser Durak
Ebony Moore
Elizabeth Bryant
Goal USA
Goal USA
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Balotelli didn't score the only stunner against PSG...
Kassam Ali
Marko Krstich
Gábor Domonkos