The Real
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In exactly 189 days!
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D’awwww. Happy Caturday!
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Appropriate response. if this is you.
(Kimi no todoke)
Teen Mom 2
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Get your best friend & get on the's time to catch up on this week's Teen Mom 2
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Don't miss Fred Armisen presenting at the #SpiritAwards on IFC today.
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We All Make Mistakes
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(Attack on Titan)
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Tag a friend who is "Most Likely to be a Smartass"

Looking at you, Karma.
After revealing that he's friends with Nick Viall, Elijah Wood gets lost in conversation about The Bachelor with Jimmy.

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Tonight Show Music Break: Little Big Town performs "Rollin'" for Studio 6B.

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Friday Feeling.
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It’s the weekend! What are you up to?
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Try explaining anime to someone with just this.
(Tanaka-kun is always listless)
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One Piece fans are not going to want to miss out on this!
Jimmy is joined by Susan Sarandon, Elijah Wood & Little Big Town for a fierce game of Musical Beers.

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Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #IfIWonThePowerball. Have your own funny story? Share it below!

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Our writer, Becky, hit the streets of New York City to ask everyday people if they would be willing to reenact iconic movie scenes.

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Now this chick has good taste. #WTFriday