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Sam and Tim are idea men, but no one said their ideas are good. The series premiere of Detroiters is available early online and on the app: [ Link ]
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Un gato acrobatico...
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Which Oscars underdogs are you rooting for tomorrow morning? [ Link ] #FindingDory #OscarNominations #TheOscars
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Get ready for the Super Bowl by ranking your favorite halftime shows! Who could possibly forget Katy Perry and left shark?! [ Link ] #PatriotsvFalcons #SB51
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From Saved By The Bell to the Cooking Channel! Happy birthday, Tiffani Thiessen! [ Link ] #DinnerAtTiffanis #KellyKapowski #SBTB
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Celebrate #NationalPieDay with an American Pie flashback! What are your favorite pies? [ Link ]
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Tonight at 10, the premiere of HATE THY NEIGHBOR explores the largest neo-nazi group in America, the NSM.
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An all new episode of The #ArtfulDetective begins RIGHT NOW!

Let us know your favorite scenes or quotes in the comments.
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Nap time.
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When Star Wars announces the title of Episode VIII and makes your day. [ Link ] #TheLastJedi #ChewbaccaMom
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He's baaaack! House of Cards returns in 126 days...not that we're counting or anything. Rank your favorite characters at [ Link ]
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Okay Monday, let's do this! #GhostsInTheHood
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Take THAT!
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Later, Monday.
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Enchanting Minds
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When big brother is there to catch you... <3
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This week's cover, “Downhill Racers,” by Gayle Kabaker: [ Link ]
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The New England Patriots are on to the Super Bowl - [ Link ]