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#RankinRanchRoadFire: The fire in Roberts and Ochiltree counties is now 50 percent contained. Officials are asking residents to be extremely cautious and to remember that the majority of the Panhandle is under a burn ban.

Latest at NC10: [ Link ]

(Viewer Aaron McKinney Danner sent us this video of the fire burning last night.)
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Trump in a Truck, Baby Spas, and NO MORE NEEDLES! The 5 minute night show with Erik Zachary is ON!
FORECAST: How long will these warm temperatures stick around?
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Arkansas storm team tracking radar right now.
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Jeff Baskin Weather here with your 8:30 PM weather update. Showers and some thunderstorms moving toward Central Arkansas tonight. A few strong storms possible, however the severe threat a little lower.
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Fox16 News at 5:30 is just 10 minutes away! Be sure and tune in!
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WJAR NBC10 starts Friday night at 11.
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WATCH: DPW crews are working to repair a water main break that caused a sinkhole -- and this mess -- in #EastProvidence.

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A Wisconsin student who was choking during lunch was saved by a classmate.
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More video from scene of plane crash in Cobb County obtained by CBS46's Julian Johnson Reporter. Follow updates here >>
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Keys to the Game: Tournament update
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WATCH LIVE: Special Report on Cobb County plane crash with Sharon Reed, Tracye Hutchins, Kim Passoth and Dante Renzulli CBS46.
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BREAKING UPDATE: Video of firefighters at the scene of the Cobb County plane crash from CBS46's Kim Passoth. Follow updates here >>