It's time for us to stand up and fight, for a energy future that’s better for all - with the least harm to our land, water, #climate and #wildlife.

Read more from the Center's own Stephanie Feldstein.

Clean Energy: Yes We Can... But We Need To Fight For It
Take a look at Professional Photographer Magazine's inspiring photo gallery featuring images from the 2017 Diamond Photographers!

Diamond photographers are professionals whose four images submitted to PPA's International Photographic Competition went four-for-four in the same year. That means that not only did all four images merit, those four merited images also were then chosen to be part...
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2017 Diamond Photographers
""It makes me very angry, I think they're trying to pull something over, on the public and on this judge, and I hope he doesn't buy it,” said Joe Pojman with Alliance for Life."

Judge temporarily blocks Texas from ousting Planned Parenthood from Medicaid
Read about one teacher's three-week exploration of discovering and understanding shadows with her preschool class. Using hands-on activities and developmentally appropriate scientific methods, the shadow project resulted in many different learning outcomes for the children: science, language and literacy, and early math!

What is a Shadow? | National Association for the Education of Young Children | NAEYC
Breaking News: Pit Bills Attack Two Children, Leaving One Dead

Pit Bull Mixes Attack Two Atlanta Children, Leaving One Dead
Set reminders for yourself now.

AMA 2017 Calendar of Events
Order your Puppy Bowl shirt before 1/22! Click here and get yours now - be sure to wear it to Stray Rescue's Official Puppy Bowl Watch Party!

Are you ready for some PUPPY BOWL! | Stray Rescue of St. Louis
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It is up to us as teachers to prepare our students for the realities of the world beyond our classrooms. [ Link ]

Integrating Lessons in Multiculturalism
We want to hear from you! How is your family #DeviceFreeDinner challenge going? [ Link ]

Device Free Dinner | Common Sense Media
Corporate shill alert! Corporate agribusiness and large factory farm proponents are thrilled with Trump’s pick for Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue. We are not. His record proves he will not protect family farmers, sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, nor the environment. Tell your Senators to BLOCK Perdue’s confirmation! #NoPerdue

Secretary of Factory Farms? Tell Congress to Block Perdue as USDA Chief
"We learn from art, and what can you do if you never see it reflected?" —Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon On Hollywood's 'Smurfette Syndrome' And Loneliness Of Being A Woman In Film
"My hope is that people, especially young people, have something to look at that makes them feel okay. As a teenager, I googled, 'Am I a lesbian?' and 'Am I a psychopath?' in the same day. If I had any context for lesbians, I might have known I wasn't fundamentally broken. My other hope is that it normalizes queerness for people, but that's my reservation too. I have a fear that instead of...
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Behind the Scenes of Queer, Latina Remake of 'One Day at a Time' | Broadly
A few tips for our students who enter case competitions:

3 Essential Case Competition Strategies | Carey the Torch
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"Economic inequality poses the biggest risk to the global economy this year."

Wealth disparity poses major global risk, says World Economic Forum
January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day! Celebrate by participating in one of these squirrel-centric projects. It sounds a little nutty, but researchers rely on your squirrel observations to…

Spot a Squirrel and Help Science - Citizen Science Salon
Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet thanked Harvard’s Ash Center today for acknowledging the Growth Accelerator program she launched at the beginning of her term:
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2017 Innovations in American Government Awards Semifinalists | Government Innovators Network
Join us Friday, January 20th from 10:30am-12pm on the Student Center’s Monumental Stairs.

Inauguration Watch Party hosted by the Center for Student Involvement and UH Student Center
You won't believe the benefits of the ingredients in Thai diets!

What We Can Learn About Diets from around the World – A Healthier Michigan
“…I am very pleased with the Social Security website and I am grateful for the benefits.” Brian #RealQuotes Thanks for your feedback, Brian! See all you can do online here: [ Link ]

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