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Another Fake News #2A report from The Washington Post.

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Fake News: WaPo Says Congress Makes It Easier for 'Mentally Incompetent' Vets to Carry Guns
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The Crossrail project, an underground railway tunnel, is designed to reduce traffic in London. But the project has also provided Britainโ€™s capital city with a view into its 8,000-year-old history.

8,000 Years of London History Discovered Underground
The Greek Orthodox, Armenian and Roman Catholic religions share ownership of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Disputes between them had prevented repairs from taking place.

It was the first time that workers have repaired the religious shrine since 1810.

After Months of Repairs, Burial Place of Jesus Reopens
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A new study says that people are more likely to believe information shared by someone they trust. The source of the information is not as important to them.

The Importance of Sharing on Social Media
Political satire has a long tradition in the U.S. Ben Franklin, an American founding father, wrote satire to make fun of the British during the war of Independence.
But satire goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks 2,400 years ago when Aristophanes made fun of the Peloponnesian War.

Political Satire Has a Long Tradition in the US
Like his father, Quincy Adams had a sharp mind and a difficult personality. And, like his father, Quincy Adams served only one four-year term in office.

But Quincy Adams went on to have many successful years working in a different job. He is the only former president (so far) to serve in the House of Representatives.

John Quincy Adams: Great Diplomat, Poor Politician
Mike Huckabee
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Mike Huckabee
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In Washington you aren't considered effective by the media unless you are adding to the size of government. Meanwhile, President Trump has a different vision for government:

BREAKING: Trump Signs New Exec Order, Turns DC Upside Down Like Never Before
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This baby made a spectacular entrance into the world.

Must-see photo: Baby born throwing rock โ€˜n rock sign
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Road-tested and parent approved. Check out all the winners of our 2017 Moms' Picks here:

On Pinterest: 2017 Moms' Picks Awards Winners
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