Lily the Black Bear
03/23/2017 at 22:16. Facebook
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U.S. Naval Air Forces
03/21/2017 at 18:14. Facebook
When I travel throughout the Fleet, I am frequently asked, “What is it that makes the best commands better than the rest?” I always say, “Two things: unwavering commitment to the Navy’s mission, and clear communications.”

The news that some Sailors and Marines are using social media to denigrate, abuse and bully their shipmates online is undermining that trust and our team.

Our Navy’s...
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Libertarian Party
03/20/2017 at 21:30. Facebook
Good news from our Colorado Affiliate!
This is important: the Constitution Revision Commission has the power to change Florida’s Constitution.

The CRC comes together once every 20 years and after a series of proposals and debates, they have the power to directly place amendments to the Florida Constitution on the ballot in 2018. The amendments must then be supported by 60% of the voters for passage.

Members of the CRC are...
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For 100 years, Planned Parenthood has been part of the fabric of communities across our country, providing quality, affordable health care to women and men from all walks of life. One in five women in America has been to Planned Parenthood. If you don’t think you know a current or former Planned Parenthood patient, I promise you: You do.

Women (and men) have a lot to lose under the...
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We first posted this in February, but it’s worth sharing again today.
Gen. David L. Goldfein released his third paper outlining his final focus area: Multi-Domain Command and Control. Check it out for more information!
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Lean In
03/08/2017. Facebook
A truly inspiring conversation between Sheryl and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on how women and men can work together to get to equality.

And don't miss the Prime Minister's video message for Lean In Canada to celebrate the great work they are doing: [ Link ] #InternationalWomensDay #LeanInTogether
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So much to learn about bear cubs!
02/23/2017. Facebook
"To young trans folk (and all the people who love them) I just want you to remember that this is your school too. You deserve to be there just as much as any other student. You deserve equal access, affirmation and an education, and you must recognize and I know you know, that you are powerful. You have agency and voice. Use it to organize, combat against ignorance and resist."
A note of encouragement from our friend, Janet Mock. #ProtectTransKids
As the Commanding General of the Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command for Operation Inherent Resolve, I have the absolute privilege and honor of commanding our Coalition forces on the ground in Iraq as we support our Iraqi Security Force partners in their fight to defeat ISIS. The story of the Iraqi army’s resurgence is one of hope and pride for all those involved in this endeavor to...
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Michael Moore's 10-point Action Plan to stop Trump
BAGHDAD, Iraq - The Iraq security forces have nearly 5,000 more personnel to assist as hold forces in East Mosul and eventually in the fight against ISIS in West Mosul following recent graduation ceremonies at Taji, Besmaya, Erbil, and Al Asad Air Base.

At Taji and Besmaya, nearly 2,000 Ninewah policemen graduated and are poised to assist in the fight against ISIS in Mosul.

“Task Group...
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An interesting read from one of Stephen Miller's classmates.
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So much to learn about cubs!
How are you doing with your resolution to eat healthier? Ask NIA’s nutrition experts questions about nutrition and aging. For more visit: [ Link ]
The good news: It's 60 degrees out in NYC right now!
The other news: We're expecting ❄ tomorrow, and at this point it looks like NYU will remain open.
Always a good idea: Checking here for updates; communicating with your professors or supervisors if you feel you can't make it to campus safely. ⛄
I had the privilege of officiating the retirement ceremony for Air Force Wounded Warrior, Tech. Sgt. Chris Ferrell, today. We got to acknowledge Chris's patriotism, dedication to service, work ethic, and selfless heroism. Three words sum up this incredible #Airman: Leader, warrior, father.

Chris served with our explosive ordnance disposal career field. The profession of arms has many risky...
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