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Today, we celebrate the 21st birthday of Alexandra “Alex” Scott (1996-2004), our founder and inspiration.

Alex lived nearly her entire life with cancer. Diagnosed before the age of 1, Alex would not spend another day cancer free until she passed away at the age of 8. Even at a young age, Alex was a leader, a fighter and a visionary. From her first front yard lemonade stand in 2000 at the age...
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NOT Common Core : Link: [ Learnmathfastbooks.com Link ]
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The original Thirteen Colonies were British colonies on the east coast of North America, stretching from New England to the northern border of the Floridas. It was those colonies that came together to form the United States.
Susan G. Komen 3-Day
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Bubbles: Children's playthings or a fun walking companion? Both!
Proud Parenting
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Terri, James, & Rainbow - in Louisville, Kentucky
Do you subscribe to a video streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, etc.?
Good Morning Universe!

This is a multiwavelength view of the starburst galaxy M82. M82 is about 12 million light years from Earth in the constellation Ursa Major.

Want to know more? [ Chandra.si.edu Link ]
Indiana University
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Congratulations from Hoosier Nation to the 2017 UCA D1A All-Girl National Champions: our Indiana University Cheerleading Program! This makes an amazing 5 wins in 6 years for the Crimson squad! Go Hoosiers!
Girl Up
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As the world continues to work toward achieving global agreements to end poverty, promote prosperity and equality for all, and protect the planet, follow along with the Global Goals discussions in Davos from January 17-19! Learn more and watch live at sdglive.org.
Where Am I? Wednesday: On our honor, this is a real place on the UCF campus. If you get this one, you rock!
GMO Inside
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FACT: 86% of corn is now genetically engineered. GMOs were not created to feed the world, they were created to sell more chemicals! #GMOs #RightToKnow #GEFood #GMFood #Corn
Don’t share the address when you post listing on Facebook. Buyers, other agents should contact you for that. [ Bit.ly Link ] #V4RE
Governor Scott Walker is working and winning for Wisconsin students!
Change Maryland
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Two legislative sessions ago, Governor Larry Hogan jokingly asked while working to repeal the Rain Tax mandate if the next tax would be a "blue sky and sunshine tax."

Well, at the end of last session, Governor Hogan vetoed the "Sunshine Tax", which would place a $100 million burden on rate payers and taxpayers. This would be an additional charge on energy bills each month to pay for overly...
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Change Maryland
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Less than two years ago when I was sworn in as governor, our state faced a $5.1 billion structural deficit.

The day after I was sworn in, we submitted the first structurally balanced budget in a decade. An overwhelming majority of Marylanders support our efforts of fiscal restraint and our hard work to hold the line on unsustainable spending.

The budget we announced today reduces general...
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The Fulbright Program
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Where in the world is Dr. Dessa Bergen-Cico?

A #Fulbright experience brings with it many opportunities to try new adventures, as Dr. Bergen-Cico discovered during her Fulbright! While on her Fulbright, Dr. Bergen-Cico taught about drug use prevention and researched education programs to prevent drug use and addiction.

At the encouragement of her students and friends, Dr. Bergen-Cico went...
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True or false: Love is all you need.