The Animal Rescue Site
The Animal Rescue Site
06/25/2017 at 13:00. Facebook
Glam this purse up, or zip it down! This lovely Classic Paw Print Tote is sure to be a favorite, day or night! Purchases fund bowls of food for shelter animals in need.

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Glam this purse up or zip it down This lovely Classic Paw
I'm Beaver and I'm doing GREAT!
My wounds are healing and the Stray Rescue staff has fallen madly in love with me. I originally came in full of bullet fragments and went straight to the trauma center. Everyone was rooting for me and I feel as good as new! I'd love to go to a foster home or a forever home. The staff keeps telling me I'm going to make someone very happy. They even say I'll get...
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Im Beaver and Im doing GREAT My wounds are healing and the
Estela Neel
Diane Stephenson Hanekamp
JoLie Niland
Today's #WarrantoftheDay is 36 yr old Leondrae Antwan Hobdy, who has the following Polk County warrants for his arrest: Attempted Murder, Armed Occupied Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Armed Kidnapping, Possession of a Firearm & Ammo by a Convicted Felon. HE IS TO BE CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS!

Leondrae is 5'6" tall, 175 lbs. He has been in the Polk County Jail on 14 prior occasions (most...
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Todays WarrantoftheDay is 36 yr old Leondrae Antwan Hobdy who has the
Lucy Elizabeth
Bob Mc Michael
Cherie Moore
BAD NEWS: Distraction burglaries are still happening.

GOOD NEWS: We have a suspect vehicle description - it looks like this. A white newer model Dodge Durango.

WARNING: Do not fall victim to this crime! Read and heed:

On Wed, June 21st, a distraction burglary occurred on North Combee Rd in Lakeland, during which the homeowner was lured outside by an unknown Hispanic male to talk about...
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BAD NEWS: Distraction burglaries are still happening
Marilyn Lyons
Robin Davis
Christina Duncan
The stories of our Italian ancestors are still important.

From the big festivals, to Sunday afternoons spent with la at NIAF, we believe in preserving our culture through the stories of our united community. Do you have a family member you're proud of? Do you know of an important Italian or Italian American in history?

Share your #ItalianADay nominations & images with NIAF...
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The stories of our Italian ancestors are still important
Tabitha Easterling
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Your favorite thing about your grey. GO!
Your favorite thing about your grey GO
Raymond Kravitz
Douglas Shearer
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No Income Tax, no IRS threats to remove non-profit status when clergy strays beyond the limits of political correctness
No Income Tax no IRS threats to remove nonprofit status when clergy
Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick
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Brian McElligott
Daniel P Hernandez
Paul Allen
ICYMI: The #USF Magazine- Summer 2017 Edition has been released and can be read online using the link below. Catch up on all the latest stories surrounding USF and read through the featured story, 'Helping the Unseen'!

Full Digital Copy: [ Link ]
ICYMI The USF Magazine Summer 2017 Edition has been released and can
Robert Brandon Sandor
Texas Values
Texas Values
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Diane Hebert
Florida Boxer Rescue
Florida Boxer Rescue
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FBR ambassadors, Riley and Leila, love photoshoots.
FBR ambassadors Riley and Leila love photoshoots
Dion Greenwood
As we discuss the future of our food supply, we must look to educating our youth about regenerative ag. Do you agree?
As we discuss the future of our food supply we must look
Ralph Place
Levy Payne Schroeder
Niki Belkowski
The Power of Giving
The Power of Giving
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"A generous heart is never lonesome. A generous heart has luck. The lonesomeness of contemporary life is partly due to the failure of generosity. Increasingly we compete with each other for the goods, for image, and status."
- John O'Donohue
A generous heart is never lonesome A generous heart has luck The
Nancy Vail
Off-campus, commuter, non-traditional or graduate students can look to UNT Off-Campus Student Services for resources tailored specifically for them! This office is a great liaison between students and departments that offer services for off-campus needs. Learn more: [ Link ]
Offcampus commuter nontraditional or graduate students can look to UNT OffCampus Student
What has your attention? The barrage of advertisements that come through the media can be enticing. An ad can pop up on your phone, and instantly your mind can fall into the trap of desiring more than you really need.

On this wonderful new day, consider what lasts and what really matters. What truly brings lasting joy—God and His Word. Meditate on and take in these wonderful verses from the...
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What has your attention The barrage of advertisements that come through the
Cheryl Melton
Texas Right to Life
Texas Right to Life
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In times of trouble, we shall call upon the Lord. We pray that we fulfill the will of God and continually work to advance his kingdom.
How can we pray for you? At Texas Right to Life, we ardently believe that all innocent human Life is sacred and must be protected. We believe we must be grounded in prayer to build the Culture of Life and fight the forces of darkness. Our office gathers every...
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In times of trouble we shall call upon the Lord We pray
Shout out to Southwest Elementary School for holding their 6th annual lemonade stand! They sold 1,300 cups of lemonade and raised OVER $6k for childhood cancer research!
Shout out to Southwest Elementary School for holding their 6th annual lemonade
Betsy Huish McGhee
New face coming through! #model #actress #newface #motd
#Repost @kaylabalala4 (@get_repost)
I'm so ready for day 4 with my #barbizonfamily ! These months are going by so quickly! Only 2 more months until I graduate @barbizonmodel ‍♀
#barbizonmodel #barbizon #model #instaactress #soexcited #readytolearn
New face coming through model actress newface motd
Shyanne Boland
Bon dimanche! Aujourd'hui faites la connaissance d'Hercule Kalele, qui participe à Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders.
Hercule Kalele est actuellement professeur associé à l'école des sciences de l'Université de Kinshasa, où il enseigne des cours liés à l'énergie et aux sciences des matériaux. Hercule supervise les stages d'entreprises pour les étudiants du Département de...
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Bon dimanche Aujourdhui faites la connaissance dHercule Kalele qui participe à Mandela
Tresor Marius Senda
Tresor Marius Senda
Alexis Mutamba