SHAMEFUL! Local Government Threatens Fines If Teens Don't Have Business License For Mowing Their Neighbors' Yard #BigGovSucks
John Fredrick
Greg Hosey
Pamela Levak Boyce
Within the U.S. alone, an estimated one third of all foods and beverages are produced with the help of pollination! We're wrapping up Pollinator Week by inviting you in to our IFAW hive! Read more >>> [ Link ]
Azzedine T. Downes
Baldar Baldar
Groupement Phoenix
Ahmed Sahara
Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, Inc - PMAR
Michele Rowe
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Don't have a knife on hand? All you need is a straw and a strawberry.
Ibrahim Atif
Kelsey Haywood
Marcin Rainczuk
Closing out #PoliticsNation with my thoughts on the rise in police brutality and true activist staying steadfast in the fight for justice and progress. Thank you for tuning in this morning. Visit for recap videos.
Thank you to Michelle Ebanks (President of Essence Communications) for joining me on #PoliticsNation to discuss the 2017 #EssenceFest kicking off later this week.
Discussing #EricGarner #PhilandoCastille #SamDubose and more on #PoliticsNation as we examine what more can be done around police brutality.
Stephanie Ford
Sylvester Andrews
Today no got'cha on #PoliticsNation, instead I did a praise ya'!
Robert L Horton
Congressman Gregory Meeks joined me on #PoliticsNation to discuss the Congressional Black Caucus' relationship or the lack thereof with #Trump
Clarence Page, Dr. Natalie Azar, Atul Gawande, and I discuss the proposed #AHCA in my #PoliticsNation Roundtable this morning.
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Whaaaat?! This is so cool! Unexpected #makeup tools are totally the thing now.
Sierra Club
Sierra Club
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Coal is the most polluting form of energy on the planet. From the Ashes lifts up voices from across the nation whose community health has been harmed by coal pollution.

Watch the world premiere of this powerful film Sunday on National Geographic Asia at 9pm ET/8pm CT: [ Link ]
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Handsome Dan
Handsome Dan
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Sometimes you just need a good roll in the grass.

Odie is searching for his forever home. Please help him find it!
Judy Wood
Here's another look at our inaugural "splash" in the "Dog Bowl Challenge"! We slowed it down so you can savor the moment when poor Kim took one for the team! VOTE every day!
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More votes mean more people get "splashed"! If we win the "Make a Splash" contest, we get to dump dog bowls filled with ice cold water on Theresa Strader's head! So much for her perfect hair that so...
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Tick tock! Time is RUNNING OUT to VOTE!
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We could win $10,000 to rescue more dogs. Our Facebook fans ALWAYS come through for us! We are in third place. YIKES!
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Did you know world-famous sex therapist Dr. Ruth fought for Israel's independence in 1948? This is her amazing story.

Thanks Cup of Jane!
Dianne Jacobson
Occupy Wall St.
Occupy Wall St.
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Today is a glorious day to get organized and fight capitalism!
Michael Anthony Zullo
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Pre-K Pages
Pre-K Pages
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Preschoolers will love this rain stick you can see!
Jenniffer R Grafton
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