Getting clean water to Flint, Michigan has proven to be a monumentally difficult task for legislators to tackle. The city’s been without potable water since April of 2014, and the problem has yet to be eradicated. And although it seems like the people of Flint are falling through the cracks, there h...
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Big Sean Raised $100,000 To Aid In The Flint Water Crisis – CelebFeed
Source: YouTube A group of dancers chose to pay tribute to Justin Bieber, using motorized segway skateboards to create a choreographed routine to Bieber’s new hit “What Do You Mean?” David Moore choreographed, filmed and edited his dance crew. He documented their impressive routine. The five dancers...
Chino & Nacho 02/02/2017

This Group of Dancers Pay Tribute To Justin Bieber on Segway Skateboards With Epic Music Video – CelebFeed
Jesús Gómez
Marisela Moreno
Ever el 3men2
Ana Rondon
Andres Cristancho
Jennifer Loreto Perez Arias
Heidi Yaneth Mejia Coronel
¡Seguimos donando! Gracias a la fundación OneWorld por su apoyo ayudando a niños con cancer. Dona aquí:

OneWorld Foundation
Seguimos donando Gracias a la fundación OneWorld por su apoyo ayudando a
Whuanda Rodriguez
Jose Angel Borrero
Ever el 3men2