Good morning

Good morning!
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Next level training..❄
The new Bruce Lee !!
#ThrowbackThursday and highly relevant as I'm on my way to catch up with the Blonde Bomber himself Shaun Stafford Fitness
Who's your workout partner?
Here with Lee Sheldon Fitness repping #WorkoutEmpire

10% off and global shipping with my code JAMES10
Hitting my #BackSquat PB today. Felt pretty good. Looks messy....
220k / 500lb x 2.

Tights and Sleeveless by Workout Empire

10% off with code JAMES10
Happy Valentines Day ❤ to my ever grow my ever growing army of Facebook fans!

Wishing you an awesome day... (you can mention or tag your special person below)

#JAEfit #Shredsanity #WorkoutEmpire
6 years old!☺ @ryusei416
Training with the legend !!
Shredded Selfie
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