Happy Halloween everyone! We are huge 'Walking Dead' fans! #amcwalkingdead #walkingdead

Happy Halloween everyone! We are huge 'Walking Dead' fans! #amcwalkingdead #walkingdead
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Trish Thuy Trang
03/23/2017 at 04:17. Facebook
Early tbt #7yearsago
My lil girl found my old DVD! I just can't watch it!
Family fun day
Best milkshakes I've ever had!
Chillin w my lil man
Beautiful day at the park.
Family time
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!
Baby shower sunday
With the beautiful bride.
Happy New Year!!!
Merry Christmas everyone! Finally some sun in socal for the holidays.
Anyone have a business or organization in Orange County? I'll be giving away a free box of my "Shades of Blue" CD if you follow me on instagram or like my Trish or SCABIB facebook page. If you already follow or like then if you can get as many people to do the same you can get free CDs!

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Me, my mom and older sister. #inlovingmemory #21yearswithoutmom
Lucky to bring my baby to work everyday.
Had to check out Prince's Paisley Park while in Minnesota.
Honored to be invited to present to Target buyers at their innovation fair.
Happy Halloween! From my family to yours!
Pumpkin patch family fun
'Happy Together' video shoot 7 years ago! #tbt #timeflies
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