Không ngờ, Ronaldo lại có nhiều bí mật như vậy =D

Không ngờ, Ronaldo lại có nhiều bí mật như vậy =D
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10 bí mật chưa từng công bố về Cristiano Ronaldo
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Duterte's war on drugs, savage, bloody and ruthless. This story isn't for the faint hearted.

‘They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals’
Save this and read at lesiure. Some decent global reportage

We Were There: Reports From Our Far-Flung Correspondents in 2016
".....problem lies in a failure of editors to step outside their white-knows-white circles" The NYT's Public Editor on the diversity crisis at the paper. Dismal as the figures maybe I am amazed at the level of introspection, something yet to be seen or heard in the Indian media .

Preaching the Gospel of Diversity, but Not Following It
Running continues to be a balm.

Running as Therapy
Every time I read a piece about running, I laced up. So I made it a strategy. It has worked so far.
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Well Guides: How to Run Like a Girl
The digital medium has done some very good journalism in India, but does it create impact and have relevance without a large enough audience, or when compared to the exponential growth of corporate-owned media outlets? Former @Firstpost Editor raises some very pertinent Qs here

Can the digital revolution save Indian journalists?
Am incredible read, the end of what the FBI calls "humint", in the age of "sigint".

The Last Diplomat
This week Murmur comes to @TheGulbenkian and Aakash performs an excerpt of I Imagine @TEDxLeicester for info visit - [ Link ]

Home - TEDxLeicester 26th October 2016
We are happy to share this beautiful and descriptive review of our recent show Murmur in Riverfront, Wales.
Murmir is a very intimate and imaginative show that for moments evokes The Little Prince (or so hints the kind words of Jane Oriel:
"Our dancer is like Saint-Exupéry’s, The Little Prince that I see referenced in the chalk drawings, his long scarf outstretched with birds flying on...
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Aakash Odedra Company, Murmur 2.0 / Inked, The Riverfront, Newport - Art Scene in Wales
Our producer Anand 2nite @BBCRadio2 with Jonathan Ross talking about #DiwaliLeicester, #KathakStar @AditiMangaldas & @ShiamakMidlands @wossy [ Link ]

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