Năm mới sắp đến bạn đã có dự định gì cho bữa

Năm mới sắp đến, bạn đã có dự định gì cho bữa tiệc tất niên cùng bạn bè? Hãy chia sẻ niềm vui cùng Mr. Moo nhé!

#Moobeefsteak #MoobeefsteakNKT
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It's time for a current photo! I took this on Thursday whilst squeezed into a tiny train toilet, just to add extra cheapness to the photo. Sitting at 105kg and 7-8% BF. Some kind of obsession with being super-lean restricts me from posting off season pics ????
Cowboy Aesthetics (Y)
???? So, January is long gone and fibo and bodypowerexpo2017 are on the horizon, which means it's time to take my diet and training a bit more seriously. Having so much fun lifting heavy and learning new things, but I know I have to commit time to CV to drop my bodyfat much more.
It's all good, it's just a process and it requires some time commitment. Got some awesome nutrition...
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Double tap ❤ #RESPECT
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Although I haven't been on stage now for over a year, most people started to follow me (and hire me!) because of a long and successful competition history, mostly as a top ranking WBFF Pro.
I'm proud to have come a long way since my first ever amateur show at NIFMA in Belfast in Nov 2011.... all the way up to taking a podium spot at #WBFFWorlds in August 2015.
90kg vs 95kg, a...
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Back Squat still going up, now up to 225kg / 500lb.
Think I could have done two?
#BeQuadzilla #JAEfit #WorkoutEmpire
Here at Golds Gym with Mike O'Hearn, repping my Workout Empire training kit!
Legendary squad!
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