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03/20/2017 at 16:39. Facebook

Needed some hints from Daniel Bryan on this one

Needed some hints from Daniel Bryan on this one...
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Brie Bella
03/20/2017 at 16:39. Facebook
Brie Bella
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Perfect Spring maternity outfit!
Brie Bella
03/17/2017 . Facebook
NOTHING compares to witnessing this...
Should you vote for Daniel Bryan to be #TheGreatest? #YES #YES #YES Vote Now! [ Link ]
Behind the scenes footage of my maternity photoshoot

such a lovely experience, catch it on my YouTube channel, [ Link ]
Love this! โค
We've reached a decision... Bella Baby has been NAMED!

HUGE NEWS! Bella Baby is named!!
Felt better than ever behind the scenes of this Fit Pregnancy photoshoot! [ Link ]
I've been blessed to have such inspiring women in my life. I've had women teach me strength, independence, finding my inner voice, never giving up, class and just about everything that's made me the women I am today. I hope I'm one of those women to you, Bella Army! Let's unite, empower and uplift one another. That's what real girl power is!! #SeeHer โœจโค
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