Real fun is always for you over the next bend Thanks to

Real fun is always for you over the next bend. Thanks to Car-Shooters who knows how to capture the authentic #NewMito’s spirit.
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The harder the conditions, the more epic the challenge. #Stelvio fears no limits, thanks to the Q4 AWD System and Integrated Brake System. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
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Today we celebrate the Tipo 33 TT12, which won the World Manufacturers Championship in 1975, dominating the most important endurance races across the globe.
#AlfaRomeo #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni #TBT #ThrowBackThursday
Pure fun is the noblest of feelings. Here’s Mito having a classy time at Studley Castle in Great Britain, captured by Elliot Kibblewhite Photography. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
#GiuliaVeloce offers 100% rear wheel drive handling. But when it’s necessary, the #Q4 all-wheel drive system guarantees a level of traction without parallel in its category. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
After 13 days in Switzerland, it’s time for Stelvio, Giulia, 4C, Giulietta and Mito to hit the road. Thanks to the thousands of enthusiasts who crowded our stand at Geneva International Motor Show: Alfa Romeo will be back at the Palexpo in 2018! #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
More than driving pleasure. More than iconic Italian Style. Giulia has earned a 5-star rating from Euro NCAP, with an outstanding score of 98% for adult occupant protection: discover its excellence at the Geneva International Motor Show. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
Under the iconic Alfa Romeo badge lies an unprecedented full-aluminium 4 cylinder engine. Stelvio unveils its heart at Geneva International Motor Show, come and lift up its bonnet to discover more. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
Even more Giulietta and now even faster. Conquer the road at the Geneva International Motor Show with Original Accessories distributed by Mopar for Giulietta Veloce!
#AlfaRomeoAccessories #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni #GimsSwiss
“It’s a way of life, a different approach to conceiving a motor vehicle”. The words of Orazio Saitta Puliga, Alfa Romeo’s Head of Design from 1946 until 1973, still inspire our vision. Enjoy the embodiment of his words, Giulia Quadrifoglio, at Geneva International Motor Show. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
A 280HP turbocharged petrol engine, a wide array of exclusive details: the First Edition is the most exclusive version of Stelvio at Geneva International Motor Show. Don’t miss it at Alfa Romeo’s stand from 9th – 19th March.
#Giulia is the most genuine expression of #AlfaRomeo’s spirit. And there’s only one way to enhance its authenticity in style and performance: discover its original accessories distributed by Mopar at Geneva International Motor Show. #AlfaRomeoAccessories #MoparShow #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
You may never know your boldest desire, until you dare to meet its gaze: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is calling you. Dreamers wanted at Geneva International Motor Show until March 19th. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
When designing an Alfa Romeo, nothing is lacking, nothing is superfluous. See Stelvio’s style in person at Geneva International Motor Show. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
#Stelvio has been created to reinspire the love for driving and features a full array of cutting-edge technical solutions. Find out more about the #MagnetiMarelli components on the first #AlfaRomeo #SUV.

ALFA ROMEO #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
Memories are emotions that are worth reliving, again and again. The weekend of #StelvioEmotions will remain in #AlfaRomeo’s heart for a long time. #LaMeccanicadelleEmozioni
The authentic spirit of Alfa Romeo now comes in an SUV: all Stelvio versions are equipped with aluminum turbo charged engines, 8-speed automatic transmission and Q4 AWD. Visit the Alfa Romeo stand @GimsSwiss to discover the full range. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
To challenge nature, you need to feel safe. Stelvio presents the innovative IBS, an electromechanical system that combines stability control with the traditional servo-brake, ideal for reducing braking distance.

Discover the safety systems on Stelvio, the first SUV from Alfa Romeo. [ Link ]

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