The Meddler starring Academy Award Winner Susan Sarandon Rose Byrne Academy Award

The Meddler, starring Academy Award® Winner Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne & Academy Award® Winner J.K. Simmons, is available on DVD September 6th. [ Link ]
Ma Mère et Moi, mettant en vedette la lauréate de l’Academy AwardMD Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne et le lauréat de l’Academy AwardMD J.K. Simmons, est offert en DVD le 6 septembre. [ Link ]
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Our greatest discovery could be our downfall. Rebecca Ferguson stars in #LIFEmovie, in theatres March 24!

Notre plus grande découverte pourrait provoquer notre chute. #VIElefilm, mettant en vedette Rebecca Ferguson – à l’affiche le 24 mars!
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One mission. One discovery. Some things were never meant to be found. Experience Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds in #LIFEmovie – in theatres March 24
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They discovered it. They underestimated it. They must protect humanity from it. #LIFEmovie – in theatres March 24!
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How far will you go to protect what matters most? Follow the fight for survival in #LIFEmovie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds – in theatres March 24!
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This March, Choose #T2Trainspotting!
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Don’t miss the Academy Award® nominated movie PASSENGERS – now in theatres for a limited time. Check here for showtimes: [ Link ]
#NSFW Check out this clip of #T2Trainspotting and don't miss it when it hits theatres this March!
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Be careful what you search for. #LIFEmovie - in theatres March 24!
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Before we find out who this year’s winners are, check out all of the films setting Smurfs’ Village abuzz! #SmurfsMovie
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Are we better off alone? Explore the real possibilities of life beyond Earth with the science experts on set of #LIFEmovie, in theatres March 24.
Join the conversation on Reddit! [ Link ]
#T2Trainspotting star Jonny Lee Miller discusses his character, Sick Boy. Don't miss your chance to see T2 TRAINSPOTTING when it hits theatres this March!
New movie, better toilets. Renton & Begbie are back in #T2Trainspotting, hitting theatres this March.

Nouveau film, toilettes améliorées. Renton et Begbie sont de retour dans #F2Ferrovipathes, à l’affiche en mars.
Take a deep breath, and get ready for your Family Day long weekend! #T2Trainspotting
There were only two outcomes. They found the worse. #LIFEmovie, in theatres March 24.
Have you checked out Ali Larter in #ResidentEvilMovie yet? NOW PLAYING in theatres everywhere!
#T2Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor catches up with his character Renton. Don't miss T2 TRAINSPOTTING when it hits theatres this March!
Join #TeamSmurfs, the United Nations, and UNICEF to tackle 17 big goals and make the world a happier place for the International Day of Happiness.
Take the quiz at to find out about #SmallSmurfsBigGoals
Nous étions mieux seuls. Regardez la nouvelle bande annonce de #VieLeFilm, et voyez Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson et Ryan Reynolds au cinéma le 24 mars.
If you’re seeing this, you should probably be paying more attention to your bae and the glare you’re getting across the table right now.
Happy Valentine’s Day from #T2Trainspotting
Ils sont de retour! Spud, Renton, Sick Boy et Begbie se retrouvent enfin dans #F2Ferrovipathes. Regardez la nouvelle bande annonce maintenant, et voyez le film au cinéma en mars!
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