The panel on The POCSO Act Litigating POCSO at the National Consultation

The panel on "The POCSO Act - Litigating POCSO" at the National Consultation on the POCSO Act will engage prosecutors, lawyers for victims and defence lawyers on issues such as access to courts, the court environment, protection of the child and witness during proceedings etc.

Be there Tomorrow - 5th Feb at NLSIU-#Bengaluru

Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India
Enfold India Majlis Legal Centre Maneka Gandhi
HAQ: Centre for Child Rights
National Commission for Protection of Child Rights

#ProtectOurChildren #POCSO #ChildrenSafety #POCSOAct #ChildRights #Bangalore #Mumbai #NewDelhi
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#Flashback - A Victory in my fight for Voting Rights for Armed Forces Personnel

24 March 2014 marked a special day in my long-standing endeavour to ensure voting rights for the 14 lakh #ArmedForces personnel. My fight witnessed a historic victory when the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India passed orders on my petition that serving #soldiers and their families stationed in peace areas since 01...
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Take a moment to remember the brave sacrifice of #ShaheedBhagatSingh, #SukhdevThapar and #ShivramRajguru on their Martyrdom day today. On this day, 23 March in 1931, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru gave their life for India's freedom.

I salute the brave sons of India.

Let us remember the three revolutionaries - and honour the freedom we enjoy for which they laid down their...
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The Karnataka Budget for 2017-18, states the Government has recovered a total of 2.02 lakh acres of public land from encroachers of which 5325 acres amounting to 1 lakh crore recovered pertains to Bengaluru alone.

The truth is this much-delayed recovery of land is only due to Namma Bengaluru Foundation’s Public Interest Litigation (WP No. 15500/2013) filed on 28.03.2013; with the Court...
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The past few weeks have seen election fever running high with state elections concluding in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Manipur. Elections, held at any level, whether it be a local body election or the national elections are extremely crucial in determining the progress of our Villages, towns, cities and the nation.

Three years back I had the opportunity to interact with students of PESIT...
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#RememberandNeverForget #Braveheart Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, #AshokChakra #JaiHind
More Voices at the NCPOC National Consultations on POCSO Act,2012 in Bengaluru held on 4th & 5th Feb-2017 in Association with National Law School of India University-Bengaluru.

Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India
Enfold India Majlis Legal Centre Maneka Gandhi National Commission for Protection of Child Rights
Scan-Goa HAQ: Centre for Child Rights

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The National Green Tribunal has finally spoken; it has upheld the contention that #SteelFlyover project was Illegal because it did not have required Environmental Clearance. This is what I have been saying from the time, the Government, the CM and his Bengaluru Development Minister started pushing this project down the throats of an unwilling citizenry and City.

There are serious...
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Wishing all a very Happy #Holi!
Celebrate the festival of colours responsibly & stay safe!

#HappyHoli #Holi2017 #Bengaluru #Bangalore #Karnataka #Delhi #Mumbai #Kolkata #Chennai #Hyderabad #Kerala
#RememberandNeverForget #RIP #Bravehearts of 219 Btn CRPF
I have relentlessly and vociferously opposed the Steel Flyover Project since June 2016 and demanded the need for Citizens’ Voice for all large infrastructure projects in Bengaluru. On March 2, 2017, the Government of Karnataka succumbing to the will of Citizens, cancelled the project, which is a huge victory for Citizens’ Power!

A few days ago, the Minister for Development and State Town...
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And while we despair about #Corruption and Apathy of Government of Karnataka, please come together and let's celebrate heroes of our city on 12th March eve at Town Hall, #Bengaluru.

Invitation :[ Link ]

#NammaBengaluru #NBAwards2016 #UnitedBengaluru
For three years now, as part of my fight against child sexual abuse, I have asked the Government to take a host of actions to protect our children including strong action against the management of schools where children are subject to child abuse. Such crimes violate the trust that parents and children repose in the school and teachers. Parents should be able to rest assured that their...
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Today, March 10th is the Tibetan Uprising Day that commemorates the 1959 #Tibetan uprising against the presence of the People's Republic of #China in Tibet.

India is known for care & compassion for the cause of the Tibetan people. My state #Karnataka created the first ever Tibetan exile settlement way back in 1960.

I had urged the Lok Sabha to invite HH Dalai Lama to address Parliament,...
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Wishing all Indian Women a Happy International Women's Day.

#RespectWomen #InternationalWomensDay
#SteelFlyoverBeda is a big victory for Citizens' power - which is the core essence of our democracy. When citizens unite and fight for the city - the curse of political corruption and apathy of government can be conquered and the City wins.

The #SteelFlyover was a project that involved public money - but was being pushed through without public consultation, without discussion in the...
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Gurmehar Kaur is the daughter of late Captain Mandeep Singh. Capt Mandeep Singh served and sacrificed for the Nation during an encounter to neutralise a group of terrorists at Chak Nutnus village in #Kupwara, Jammu & Kashmir in 1999.

In recent days Gurmehar Kaur's views and video ([ Link ] have been the subject matter of some controversy and for which she has been subjected to...
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On this day in 2014, I fondly remember felicitating the Kumbalagodu police team for exposing the illegal Kidney transplantation racket case and handed a cheque of Rs. 1 Lakh as reward & recognition to the team comprising of Inspector Manjunath, SI R. Deepak, ASI Shivkumara Swamy, Head Constables Mahalingegowda & Annaiah; Constables L S Manjunath & B R Manjunath. The police team did a...
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My salute to the living legend and #ParamVir Naib Subedar Sanjay Kumar. #JaiHind
Today is the 31st #NationalScienceDay, a celebration of Sir C V Raman’s extraordinary genius and to inspire us Indians to develop a scientific temper and outlook which will #TransformIndia and propel our nation to new heights. The recent achievement of ISRO in launching 104 satellites at one go and creating history is a testament to the power of Science to #TransformIndia.

This year’s theme...
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"After three years of political apathy, citizen action forces the #Karnataka CM to take action. If the CM had taken a zero-tolerance approach in 2014 itself, as I had demanded, then these innocent children would not have been preyed upon by such perverted predators.

I have waged this relentless fight for the last three years, inside Parliament and outside, through letters to Government...
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