Tonight There are still a few tickets left but they will go fast

Tonight!!! There are still a few tickets left but they will go fast.

If you can't make it to the event tonight, we will be Live Streaming the Q&A on FB from the 7pm show which should start roughly around 9:30pm!
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HOOK with Dante Basco and James Madio | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
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A haunting, artfully understated critique of American gun culture, Tim Sutton’s third feature is loosely based around the 2012 massacre in Aurora, Colorado that took place during a multiplex screening of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Employing a documentary-style technique and a cast of nonprofessional actors, DARK NIGHT follows the activities of six strangers over the course of one day, the shooter...
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Indie Spotlight: Dark Night

Consider us very much on board this MST3K train!

Coincidentally, if you want to see some Live MST3K we've got just the event for you with THE MADS Trace and Frank coming to town on April 14 and 15!!

Tix: [ Link ]

The Trailer For Netflix's MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Is Here
This Sunday we are screening CAMERPERSON as curated by "Colossal Women" guest programmer, Emily Johnson. This is a very important documentary and one you shouldn't miss.

Tix: [ Link ]

Kirsten Johnson's 'Cameraperson' is a poetic primer in documentary filmmaking
A cleverly written, impressively made and incredibly gory tale of one young woman's awakening to the pleasures of the flesh - in all senses of the term." - The Hollywood Reporter.

Get your tickets to RAW, our next Drafthouse Recommends selection: [ Link ]

RAW | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Anne Hathaway demolishes your idea of what a monster movie can be in Colossal.

Tickets: [ Link ]
We packed out April with a vast array of eye candy that'll cure your need for constant stimulation and entertainment!

What's Happening at the Alamo in April | Omaha News | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Another excellent piece by one of our "Colossal Women" guest programmers appearing in Birth. Movies. Death. If you haven't picked up a ticket to her Girlie Night screening of LEGALLY BLONDE, do so at the link below:

[ Link ]

Join PBS KIDS favorite Mrs. O and the other Odd Squad Agents as they use math and reasoning skills to get to the bottom of some awfully strange cases! Tickets are just $1-3 donations and benefit our pals at PBS.

ODD SQUAD | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
An excellent write up on Mario Bava's debut, BLACK SUNDAY. Playing this weekend as part of our Horror Show series and Colossal Women.

Tix: [ Link ]

Black Sunday (1960): A Retrospective
“How did distribution innovate in the movie business in the last 30 years? Well, the popcorn tastes better, but that’s about it.” -- Netflix's Reed Hastings.

Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League has some thoughts.

Tim League Refutes Netflix's Reed Hastings On Movie Theater Innovation
Well what a coincidence, we just so happen to be playing JUNO this Thursday! With a special musical performance by Mary Ruth McLeay starting at 7pm.

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'Juno' Reunion: Ellen Page and Jennifer Garner Will Lead All-Female Live Read of the Script
Next month THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS hits the screens so in the month of April we are bringing back some of the best car chase films in film history!

Before CANNONBALL RUN, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, or FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT, there was VANISHING POINT, the high performance car film that left generations wanting to buy a 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Our anti-protagonist and his car have 15...
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Vanishing Point (1971)

"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is rife with nightmarishly violent and horrific behavior. It's intense, graphic, frightening. And, yes, exhilarating." - Philadelphia Enquirer

Join us on March 30 for a special presentation of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO for Novel Pictures in partnership with the Omaha Public Library, BFF Femme Fest and Omaha Girls Rock. With a live musical performance by...
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A thriller that leaves a mark
With the release of THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS next month we are celebrating some of the best car chases in film history!

When you think of great espionage films one usually includes the likes of the 007 series, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, THE BOURNE IDENTITY and many others. But there is one hidden gem that unfairly goes unnoticed in the vast field of "spy" thrillers, and that film is RONIN.

In this...
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We want to give a BIG bday shoutout to our favorite John Wayne impersonator and American icon, Kurt Russell! Can't wait to see you in GOTG Vol 2!
Are you truly prepared for another serving of THE BIG LEBWOSKI Movie Party next month?! If you are, we'll have the White Russians ready for you.

Tix: [ Link ]
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Alamo Patriots!
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