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The Law of Attraction - What we think we become.
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There are over 2.2 million Americans who rely on a wheelchair everyday.
The San Francisco Globe 04/29/2017

Woman In Wheelchair Unable To Get Upstairs, But Watch When Man Hits The Button
Kay Logan
Dorothy Ingram
Dawn Chivers
Pete Thorborn
Barbara Lambert
Their emotional performance not only brought goosebumps, but also many tears.
The San Francisco Globe 04/29/2017

4 Kids Take The Stage, Belt Out Classic Hymn With A Twist Like You've Never Heard Before
Mike Linda Seedhouse
Wish You Were Here
Den O'Brien
Sally Currie
Vondi Rae
Connie Verano
Kelly Mcclain
Martha Robertson
Laura Cosh
Eileen Regan Dilbeck
Saundra Tregoning Rock
Nick Welch
Mel Smith
Tonya Clark Stanley
Christine Kaiser
Christine Kaiser
Maggie Rose Mitchell
Grazyna Szela
Shona Boufford
Graham Darren
Nancy Leighton
Sheila Berg
Valorie Braunschweig
Brian Tillman
Cindy Matly
Christine Kaiser
Vicki Macanoodos
Pattricia Blazina
Ronald Cason
Tracy D. Sorbet
Lisette Callis
Wish You Were Here
Timothy Jordan
Wish You Were Here
Karen Archer
Barbara Donoghue
Alison Denton
Dillard Jordan
Joan Kavanaugh
Eleanor Moret
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